Cisco WebEx: Standard Patch being applied beginning on Sat Nov 1, 2014 for [[WEBEXURL]] 

Dear Cisco WebEx Customer,

Cisco WebEx is sending this message to key business contacts at https://[[WEBEXURL]].

Beginning on Sat Nov 1, 2014, and Ending on Sunday Nov 2, 2014 PST (GMT -8) , Cisco will be applying a Standard Patch to the following WebEx services:

  • Cisco WebEx Meeting Center
  • Cisco WebEx Training Center
  • Cisco WebEx Event Center

This email contains information to help ensure a smooth transition.

Additional Tools for Protecting Your WebEx Meeting Information

Cisco is committed to make sure that you have all necessary information to make the best decisions on using WebEx in your organization. We recently sent you a notification on best practices for configuring and using WebEx in an optimal way for your business needs. We further provided site administrators with some tools within site administration to configure your site for optimal privacy.

Privacy Settings for Each Center Individually Configurable

We are now introducing a new capability that will enable you to separately configure the privacy settings for individual centers. With this new capability you can more easily tailor WebEx to meet your business needs, along with keeping your meetings and information private and secure. For example you can now configure Meeting Center meetings to be private, and still continue to host publicly visible meetings on other centers.

XML API Impacts

With the latest release of WBS29.9 (XMLAPI7.3.0SP9), the following options now affect the configuration for individual centers.

  • ACTION REQUIRED: Please review these settings and make the appropriate selections by mid-December time frame. This setting will be automatically selected to “Unlisted” for all sites that have not made a selection.


Old Behavior

New Behavior

All meetings must be unlisted

- Removes ability to browse meetings through out products

- Removes ability to list more meetings throughout product


Three options are available

- All meetings, sessions & events must be unlisted

API Behavior

All new and existing meetings will by default be unlisted. New meetings default will be overridden if the “listing” element is used.

Make All Meetings Unlisted (button)

- Issues the database job to convert all existing meetings as unlisted

- Asks user which center should be affected


Three buttons are available for taking action on individual centers.

API Behavior:

Will not return meetings which were previously listed.

Schedule Default Privacy Settings

- Controls whether new meetings should be listed or unlisted

API behavior:

- All meetings scheduled via XML API for all centers will check this flag. If the flag is unchecked, Meetings are by default Unlisted but trainings and events are Listed unless the “listing” element is used.

Option is now available for different centers

API Behavior:

All meetings scheduled via XML API will check the center-specific flag. This will drive the default meeting listing, unless “listing”   element is used.


All meetings must have a password

- Enforces meetings to have a password

-Users won’t be able to create a meeting without a password

Option is now available for different centers

API behavior:

All meetings scheduled or edited via XML API will check the center-specific flag.

Important note:

  • If you are using WebEx APIs, your integrations may be impacted as these new privacy settings also affect the default privacy setting for meetings created through APIs.

  • List of XML APIs Impacted: CreateMeeting, CreateTeleConferenceSession, CreateTrainingSession, CreateEvent, SetMeeting, SetTeleConferenceSession, SetTrainingSession, SetEvent, GetMeeting, GetTeleConferenceSession, GetTrainingSession, GetEvent, lstSummarySession, GetOneClickSettings, SetOneClickSettings

The picture below shows the changes in the site administration pages to provide the additional privacy functionality for each of the centers.


Default Privacy Selection Required

Important Note:

  • As we requested in the last notification please choose the “Scheduler default privacy settings” for all centers. In mid-December timeframe this setting will be automatically selected to “Unlisted” for all sites that have not made a selection.

In addition the latest release of WBS29.9 brings changes to the Site Administration, Scheduler, and Productivity Tools User Interface to alert a host when a meeting is listed or does not have password. This will help ensure site administrators, and WebEx hosts are aware of the privacy settings they choose, and to prevent accidental exposure of information.

Fig. 1 – Shows the alert for a host within the WebEx scheduler when a meeting is listed


Fig. 2– Shows the alert for a host in Productivity Tools when a meeting is listed


Fig. 3 – Shows the alert for a site administrator when changing the privacy options


Please note:

  • During this maintenance period, access to your primary Cisco WebEx website will be interrupted. All users and visitors will be redirected to the secondary system. While on the secondary system, all Cisco WebEx services will be functioning properly.

Plans for service redirection are subject to change as it relates to service availability; this may require services to be redirected earlier or later than previously communicated. Cisco WebEx will communicate any time changes to this planned maintenance immediately.

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