Cisco WebEx: XML API 8.0.0 SP9, XML API 7.3.0 SP10 Security Enhancements 


  • XMLAPI 8.0.0 SP9
  • XMLAPI 7.3.0 SP10

Dear WebEx API Developer:

A set of XML API enhancements XML API 8.0.0 SP9, XML API 7.3.0 SP10 will be applied to your production WebEx site (https://[[WEBEXURL]]) between September 12, 2014 and September 20, 2014.  These changes are related to improving the security of sensitive data.

This notification applies to your integrations if you are supporting sites on versions WBS 29 / WBS 28 and using XML API.

The XML API schemas and release notes will be available at the Cisco WebEx Developer Portal:

New Features

  1. GetUser by Site Admin will not return Personal Teleconferencing Access code.

    For Meeting Center, a site admin obtaining another user’s information will no longer receive the following attributes:

    1.  From the “phones” elements: user’s PIN will be blank
    2.  From the “personalTeleConf” element: participantFullAccessCode and participantLimitedAccessCode will be blank.

Affected APIs:


If you have a development site as part of the Gold Developer Program, the API enhancements will be applied to them a few days in advance of being deployed to the production sites, between September 3, 2014 and September 4, 2014. Please perform regression testing after this deployment. Customers with questions or concerns about the impacts of this change should contact their Customer Success Manager

Please contact if you encounter any issues or have questions about the deployment.


Product Management
Cloud Collaborations Applications Technology Group



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