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Recording a meeting with WebEx Audio

To record a meeting with WebEx Audio conference:

  1. Make sure the meeting is using WebEx Audio for the audio conference connection. You usually specify this option when scheduling the meeting or when specifying settings for instant meetings or One-Click meetings.
  2. Record the meeting as described in Recording a meeting on the server.

The audio conference will automatically be recorded in the meeting recording.






  • For best results, it is recommended that you use WebEx Audio when recording meetings.
  • When you are using WebEx Audio, the host and the users can alternate between using the phone or the computer for the audio connection. Both are acceptable for recording meetings.
  • If you use the computer for the audio connection, and if this is your first time connecting to audio across the Internet, the Audio Setup Wizard appears to help you fine-tune your audio settings. Follow the directions to specify your settings.
  • When using your computer for the audio connection, the Volume panel also appears to allow you to adjust the speaker and microphone audio settings. Check these settings to make sure they are correct when you record your meeting.



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